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...he had to protect so earnestly with his life." Mein Kampf Reynal & Hitchcock 248
...so his teary eyes would not be noticed. Ibid 248
...it took him time to reaccustom himself to such "marvels." Ibid 248
...were either listened to, agreed with, or at most, ignored. See M.K. Manheim 192
...including the United States, who demanded "freedom of the Seas." Palmer 674-675
...able to decipher every German coded wireless message. Taylor 87
...I hardly recognized the town again." Mein Kampf Reynal & Hit... 249-250
...a symptom of inner weakness and narrow-mindedness." M.K. Manheim 193
...the soldiers from the front were treated [by the Army]." Mein K. Reynal & Hit... 250
...incomprehensible to the leaders of the reserve units." Ibid
..."long live our great German Field-Marshall." Maser Notes 93
...lost confidence in Germany's ability to achieve victory on the battlefield. Taylor 94, 97
...because Germany would not "recognize herself as vanquished), Halsey Vol 4, 314
"Germany and her allies offer to negotiate for peace." N Y Times 12/13/16 p1
...and make an end to the atrocities of war." Ibid
...Wilson's attempts were deeply resented by the Allies. Halsey Vol 4 315
...German note listed no demands whatever, Halsey Vol 4 p4; NY Times 12/13/16 p1
...ruled off the agenda" by France, Britain, Russia and Italy, Taylor 100
...they "rejected the offer of negotiations out of hand." Ibid 97
..."boastfulness and the lack of sincerity." The New York Times, 12/20/16 p l
..."a trap baited with fine words," NY Times Jan 12, 1917 pl
...was not making peace, but war." Halsey Vol 4 p3l5
..."next few months" or "sometime in 1917." NY Times Jan 12, 1917 p1
...an "unrestricted submarine campaign" against Britain. Passant 136
...civilian influences were shunted aside and virtually ignored." Hanser 105
...he longed "to return to my old regiment and old comrades." Toland 70
"It was crazy how fond I was of the beast," Hitler, Secret Con...s 235
The company cook prepared a special meal in Hitler's honor.... Toland 70
...we escaped to the decent obscurity of our trenches once more." Hitler Secret
... "the abyss in ideals that exists between the two races." Halsey Vol III, p340
...affection for the ground on which he has shed his blood." Hitler Secret Con...s 568
...concerned with "distributing other people's property" Ibid l95
...organized discontent at home on the Marxists. See Mein Kampf Manheim 195 or
        Reynal & Hitchcock 254
"It was like in the Reichstag," Hanser 92
...no immediate affect on most socialists in the belligerent countries, Palmer 747
...brought to trial, and thus taken off the nation's neck." M.K. Manheim 169
... he even turned a few Social Democrats over to his beliefs. Hanser 93
... in order to carry a single post card." Hitler, Secret Con...s 80
...flyers dropped "tons of bombs" behind the German lines, Halsey Vol III p399
...planes fought for mastery of the air space over Arras. Ibid
...aircraft were shot down. We had the sky to ourselves." Maser 89
...and attended the funerals of British flyers. Flood 18
He knew they stood and fought till overwhelmed... Payne 114
...spelling out: 'Happy Easter 1917.'" Toland 71
Hitler's regiment was in the thick of it. Maser 324
...asking for support or a protecting barrage. Halsey Vol III, 354
...shell smoke sprouted up thickly over the entire area. Halsey Vol 111, 397
..."a fresh butcher's bill: 150,000 British casualties, 100,000 German." Taylor 112
French losses numbered 180,000 men in the first ten days. Detwiler 157
...bleating like sheep on the way to slaughter. Taylor 113
....what he received failed to cover the cost of a day's bread. Stokesbury 235
...the cost of the battles of Arras and the Aisne." Halsey Vol III 398
...the Allies had embarked on a new scheme--attrition. Taylor 97
...obliterating of the able-bodied manhood of Western Europe." Halsey Vol III 398
...and again we had to dive into the swamps to save our skins!" Hitler Secret Con...s 568

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