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...his Regiment were shifted north between Arras and Bapaume. Maser 324
...a coward for three minutes than dead for the rest of your life." Hanser 95
...in that of our adversaries. It was a battle of nerves." Hitler Secret Conversations 614
...a determined resistance that was full of confidence. Mein Kampf Murphy 116-117
...lamented about the "moral damage which now had been done." M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock 254
...voice that the pacifists and shirkers were losing the war." Toland 75
...the new recruits despised him more than ever. Ibid

**...didn't go along with us when we dammed the war to hell.** Heiden 84. (Because of the "training" the Hitler Youth (Hitler Jugend) received under the Third Reich, most became as fanatical and dedicated as Hitler had been in W.W.I and prolonged W.W.II by as much as two years.)

They belonged at the front. See Remarque 140-163 & Knoke 147-149, 188
...calling for revolution in the lands of their foes. Taylor 146
...no longer had an interest in holding out any further..." M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock 260
...chastise some blighters who stuck out their tongues at us." Hitler Secret Conversations 57
.... The young drafts succumbed to it completely. M.K. Murphy 118
...troops moved across an eerie, fog-shrouded wasteland. Stokesbury 292
...came the rain, and everything was washed out." Hitler Secret Conversations 563
... into glowing coals; it had grown dark around me." M.K. Manheim 201-02
...shell so long as he could identify the cross. Lefebure 29
...Ypres where it was first used, to the French. Ibid. 81
...for days, weather permitting, on any object it settled on). Ibid 28, 29
...penetrating thick clothing, boots, and some masks, Ibid 222, 29, 137
...put a man out of action but only irregularly produced death Ibid 27, 137, 240
...total (though usually temporary) blindness sets in  Ibid 67
...the rate of death was two and a half percent... Ibid 240
...to a field hospital at Oudenaarde for initial treatment Maser 324
...and then to Ghent. Binion 5
...cheated out of the fruits of their victory at the last moment. Taylor 155
..."squeeze the German lemon until the pips squeak." Burns & Ralph. 1037
..."'levee en masse'" so as to continue the war. M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock fn 271
["military masters and the monarchical autocrats"] Russel 179
...who have hitherto been the masters of German policy." NY Times 10/24/18 p1
...while the country behind them collapsed into chaos." Stokesbury 292
..."on the approved Russia lines," NY Times 11/8/18 p1
...Revolution....Now they put up the red rag here. See M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock 265
         & Murphy 119
...reason," a "communism of the spirit." Hanser 141
...imagine that the lunacy would break out in Munich also." M.K. Reynal & Hi... 265
"Wilsonian propaganda" Lasswell 170
...speedier and better terms if Germany became a "republic." Ibid. 170
...unless the Kaiser stepped down.[Palmer 688, NY Times 10/10/18
...proclaim a German Soviet Republic on Lenin's [and Trotsky's] model." Russel 179
...but no one counted on anything immediate." M.K. Manheim 202
... the country had now become a 'Republic'....the War was lost..." M.K. Reynal &  
        Hitchcock 266
...not one eye was able to hold back the tears." Ibid
...been replaced by Marxists, had to Hitler, no justification.Ibid 268
...than "to lay hands on the Fatherland."  M.K. Murphy 120
...grew in me, hatred for those responsible for this deed. M.K. Manheim 206
"Something clicked in the Pasewalk Hospital" Waite 236
To Hitler, "Marxism" became "synonymous with 'Jewry,'" Hanser 102
...from his hospitalization of October-November 1918." Binion as quoted by Toland
     538,  Binion 136-8
...Socialists parties on the European continent cannot be denied." Heiden 64
...flung themselves into the socialist movement and became its leaders." Fest 28
...to fear Jews and Reds (almost as a single unity) during this period." Toland 76
...never heard Hitler make any serious anti-Jewish remarks. Toland 70
...Hitler never spoke about it with "spitefulness," Flood 19
...when they had some political advantage to gain. Maser 85-8
...no more intelligent than Stein, then there wouldn't be trouble." Toland 70
...that Hitler's hatred for Jews dated back to that time." Ibid.
...despite his own account in Mein Kampf, is compelling." Binion as quoted by Toland
      fn 538

**...presented Hitler with his Iron Cross First Class was a Jew.**  Payne reports (113) that Hitler was awarded "the Cross" because he was "ordered" to carry out the mission to notify artillery, with a "promise" from Lieutenant Hugo Gutmann that Hitler would receive an Iron Cross first class if he succeeded. This writer cannot believe any German officer would order and/or make such a promise. The rumor appears to have risen during the NAZI years to show that "Semitic" officers were willing to risk "Aryan" lives in futile missions, and was given validity because Hitler considered Gutmann to be a "coward." [Hitler Secret Conversations 137] However, Hitler's dislike for Gutmann, like his comrades, had nothing to do with anti-Semitism. [Toland fn 536]

...Now they pulled up the red rag here. M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock 265
...Hitler considered Karl to be nothing but a "shirker." Ibid 261
...and, like those associated with him, "ripe for the rope." Ibid 262
...stronger than the will of a few Jews," he would later write. Ibid 265
...then one could at least destroy the vermin at home." Ibid 219-20
...will always be the destruction of all non-Jewish national States." Ibid 219
"With the Jews there is no bargaining, but only the hard either--or." Ibid 269
...a Jewess who wrote" at the time in the Bayrischer Kurier:  Picker 78
...could not resist adding: "A rare case of foresight." Hitler Secret Conversations 264
...an inheritance the war...left to Adolf Hitler." Heiden 87