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...and other Marxists leaders and "made the revolution." Meim Kampf Reynal &
         Hitchcock 767-70
"The place was full of laggards and cowards." Toland 78
...with "widespread starvation, particularly in the large cities." Ditwiler 170-171
...their expression hopeless and their faces full of pain." Waite 390
...by "loafers and deserters for the most part").  M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock fn 311
...traitors who had turned on their country in its hour of need. Ibid 311
...but it was plain enough to see how bitter he felt." Payne 123
...portrayed  the Russians as cruel and murdering Mongols, Lasswell 131
...Russian combatant who was more good-natured than cruel." Hitler Secret
...ideas of class warfare, held any answers for them. Flood 46
...wide assortment of rifles with varying cartridge sizes, Markham 15
...Potsdam Beer Gardens. "Weimar Republic, The." 15
...Democratic Party, city working classes for the most part, won 38%. Bracher 74
..."progressives") which won only 7.6% of the vote. Bracher 74, also Shirer 88 &
          Passant 151
...to print arguments justifying the act of killing a tyrant. Hanser 144
...set them on fire and "danced wildly amidst the flames." Flood 49
...(March 7) Hitler and Schmidt returned to Munich. Maser 97
...determine whether they were operational, and tag them. Payne 123
... his old army buddy, Hans Mend, sold them for him. Maser 53
...he could not be persuaded to leave the army. Maser 65
...he observed that Hitler wasn't aware of anything but the music. Payne 124
..."towards a further continuation of the Revolution." M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock 278

**Using terror to subdue the population, Kun....**   Kun raised a Red Army and overran the eastern part of
        Czechoslovakia. It would take five months for an Allied army to force him out of Slovakia and a Rumanian
        army to run him out of Hungary.

... London Times called him and his gang the "Jewish Mafia." Toland 84
...original aim of the instigators of the whole revolution." See M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock
         278, Manheim 207, Murphy 121
...a group dominated by two Jewish Independent Socialists-- Payne 124-5
-- the "Toller-Landauer regime." Hanser 168
...would "ruthlessly" deal with all who opposed them. Hanser 165
..."because these dogs refuse to lend me sixty locomotives." Hanser 167
The Communist Party was now in charge of Bavaria. Nicholls 40
...only one was a Bavarian. Flood 54
...Levine's right hand man, Max Levien (another Russian Jew  [Flood 53, Payne 125]
who called himself a "German Lutheran,") Binion 40
...presided over by a woman dressed as the Goddess of Reason." Flood 54
...eight times the amount paid to the regular army troops. Ibid
...often enlivened with free liquor and free prostitutes. Flood 54, Hanser 171
...were released to form a special unit. Maser 101, Hanser 172
...doors. At night the dark city became silent. Hanser 171
..."trigger-happy communist militia" firing at shadows. Flood 54
...a dark Jewish plot to seize power all over the world." Payne 125
...somehow shatter a system he loathed was hardened." Hanser 177
...not even the slightest basis for any practical action." Hanser 140, See M.K. Reynal &
         Hitchcock 278-9, Manheim 207]
...was carrying disorder to the point of madness." Hanser 180
...insane asylum," stated Noske, "must be put in order." Ibid
...bringing them to this point in the name of class warfare. Flood 56
Levine, undeterred, instituted a Red terror program. Payne 127
...it was reported that the Reds shot forty hostages Maser 102
...Hitler, wearing his Iron Cross First Class (in defiance of the Red cause) Hitler Secret
137,  Hanser 181
...we're no pack of Revolutionary Guards for a gang of vagrant Jews." Toland 85
The soldiers were persuaded and the barracks remained neutral. Hanser 182
...having their heads smashed in with rifle butts." Flood 56
...a volkisch anti-Semitic group whose symbol was the swastika. Hanser 150
...his character and war record, and ordered his release. Maser 103
...I was ordered to appear before the Inquiry Commission." M.K. Murphy 121
...led by “thugs, tramps and typified by lootings and extortions." See Sec Cons 388 & Picker 200
...sympathetic or supporting the Red cause was "mercilessly exact." Hanser 186
...hand. 'For God's sake, let's get out of here!' he cried." Hitler Secret Conversations
...stated that he looked haggard and nervous. Payne 127
...individual who makes his living by defending scoundrels." Hitler Secret
... because of their mutual need for one another. Schramm 44-5
...were executed because of the information Hitler supplied. Payne 127
...by the Jewish dictatorship at the time of the Munich Soviets." Maser 103-4
"This was my first more or less purely political activity." M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock 279
...'course' which was being held for members of the army." Ibid 280
...Press and Propaganda, or Educational Section) Maser 107
...Correlations Between Domestic and Foreign Policy. Ibid 105
..."were intended for specially picked officers and men" Ibid 104
who would be trained as "reliable soldier-speakers." Flood 63
... clear-blue eyes had a cold passion in them." See Maser 106, Hanser 189, Flood 2
..."awkwardly, with a kind of defiant embarrassment." Hanser 189
..."as wishing to take part in the discussion," M.K. Murphy 125
...majority of the students present took my standpoint." M.K. Manheim 215
...rallying to the standards of antisemitism [sic] and anti-Bolshevism." Maser 109, See
     also Heiden 105-6
...the sinister gang of Jewish anarchists around them." Toland fn 540
...against the deposed 'racially alien government.'" Bracher 82
...a pogrom against the German people staged by Jews." Ibid
...willing to ascribe all evils to the Hebrew race." M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock fn 278
..."particularly among the German Bourgeoisie," Gun 179