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...boys from Leonding, were looked down on by many of the wealthier city boys as one of those "from the
        peasants." Kubizek 47
"For here he found himself a rough-hewn rustic, a despised outsider among the sons of academics, businessmen,
        and persons of quality." Fest 19
... when he didn't get his way in a disagreement with his father. Dietrich 14
...my school reports bear witness to that!" Hitler, Secret Conversations 626
...One day I loaded a shot-gun and blazed off at them." Hitler, Secret Conversations 593
...hold the hens until damages were paid. Ibid
...many began to look up to him and he became a little leader again. Toland 15
"When Mother said anything he obeyed, and when Father said anything he was against it." Newsweek 42
... to obtain with her kindness, where the father could not succeed with harshness!" Toland 13
... they must have had an instinct that his will was stronger." Newsweek 42
...recently traversed the ancient silk routes from Russia, through Tibet to Peking. Schramm fn 73
...all of which he later hailed as "universal works." Hitler, Secret Conversations 307
...tales of the American west and he read all he came across. Bloch 35
Karl May (who lived in Linz around this time) Speer, Spandau 168
"I went on to devour at once the other books by the same author." Hitler, Secret Conversations 307
...quote the Bible to show he was perfectly justified in killing his enemies. Payne 27
...Winnetou had always been his "model of a noble spirit." Speer, Spandau 348
...Albert Schweitzer (1952 Nobel Peace Prize winner) were loyal May fans. Hanser 25
Even girls, like Eva Braun, read May. Gun 26
...He was soon leading his "Boers" against the British, Maser 28
...historic fortifications between the Danube River and the Roman Road at Linz. Speer 98
...managed to find some who would play with him, usually younger boys." Jetzinger 59-60
...used his wits to best advantage....and he was always the leader." Ibid 59
...Finally the fire brigade from Linz had to deal with it." Ibid 59
... habit of reading material not concerned with school activities. Hitler, Secret Conversations 307
...and that "the boy stood in awe of him." Jetzinger 51
...years earlier on the Hafeld farm "as a memento of my activities there." Jetzinger 49
...'My son, I have no need to think, I'm an official.' Hitler, Secret Conversations 175
Klara, who was still considered "a real nice women," Jetzinger 51
...the Hitler children were the envy of some of their peers. Jetzinger 52
...lived for her husband and children." Picker 124.
...and was "deeply bereaved." Hitler, Mein Kampf, Hurst & Blackett 20
...and stated: "Hitler's passing has left a great gap." Jetzinger 52-53
...liberated from the superstition that the priests used to teach." Hitler, Secret Conversations 314
...how God could be interested in the prayers of a secondary school boy." Hitler, Secret Conversations 197
...snow-ski, he gave it up around this time and never skied again. Schramm 23
...snow," he would later state, "I've always halted it." Hitler, Secret Conversations 309, also Speer Spandau 210
They lived "quietly and decently--unnoticed little people in an out-of-the-way town." Bloch 35
...well-behaved and spent most of his free time drawing and reading. Smith 92
...by du since they obviously did not consider him their equal. See Jetzinger 71-72, also see Hitler, Secret
...we also said Sie to him and did not even think there was anything odd about it." Fest 19 
...a loner and didn’t feel the need to be part of a group." Picker 125.
...not even a good thief. In that case my advice is to go hang yourself." Payne 94
...make contact with girls by making funny faces at them or carrying their packages, Smith 76
... facts out of the fog of the centuries and turned them into living reality." Hitler, Mein Kamph,  Reynal &
        Hitchcock 19
..."German maid, remember that you are to be a German mother," Ibid 16
the boy was not an "old German" because he had dark hair and dark eyes. Toland 16
...Another felt that Adolf was "no more [nationalistic] than we all were." Jetzinger 71
...on our professors we had no mercy; they were our natural enemies." Hitler, Secret Conversations 647
...the students became more and more stupid with every year." Hitler, Secret Conversations 647-8
...putting on airs of indignation and "complaining in loud voices." Hitler, Secret Conversations 197
...the "affair would have ended badly for me." Hitler, Secret Conversations 197-8
...as Hitler would later remark: "I couldn't help it." Hitler, Secret Conversations 198
...he soon dashed off among a chorus of Indian war hoots. Jetzinger 74-5, Smith 95
...he would have achieved much better results, gifted as he was. Shirer 30
...a local family named Cichini who lived on the Grunmarkt. Hitler, Secret Conversations 200, Smith 95
He knew no one, was terribly unhappy, and had trouble adjusting. Maser 36 Smith 96
...to celebrate that occasion as well as the beginning of the summer holidays. Payne 40-41
"We went out on the sly to a country inn where we drank and had a high old time." Maser 34
...awakened along the road from Steyr to Garsten by a milkmaid. Hitler, Secret Conversations 202
"Heavens," he said to Mrs. Cichini, "I've got to have something to show to my mother!" Maser 34
...gave Adolf a sound scolding about his behavior which left him, as he put it: "humiliated." Hitler, Secret
...he swore to Mrs. Cichini that he would never drink again. Maser 35
...was delighted with her son's achievement and saw him as a conquering hero. Toland 20
...a state grant enabling him to enter an officer cadet training college if he chose. Maser 32-33
...she ended up with over 5500 kronen after taxes. Jetzinger 81-3
...predicted a slow recovery and thought that Adolf might "never be healthy after this sickness." Heiden 51, see
           also Maser 37
...The family remained on the farm till Adolf was well enough to travel. Payne 42, See also Waite 201, Smith 97-8
...stated, "spread the truth amongst the public”  Hitler, Secret Conversations 199
...column, archway, window, or whatever occurred to him." Jetzinger 85
"I can still see the weakly lad pacing up and down the room singing." Jetzinger 86
...Adolf's reading tended to be informative or instructive he did read novels. Speer, Spandau 308
...in order to form a judgment of those who read them rather than of the books themselves." Kubizek 183
...that entitled him to a "cheap seat in the top gallery"  Speer, Spandau 169

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