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...something to lean against during the sometimes lengthy performances. Kubizek 7
"It was this very fact, that he was out of the ordinary, that attracted me even more." Ibid 12
...they did not meet for days even when they were on the best of terms. Ibid 106
...and was insistent on "good manners and correct behavior." Ibid 19
Walking was the only exercise that appealed to Adolf  See Kubizek 21
..."a silk cord with two tassels hanging down." Ibid 23
...Adolf helped him through difficult times and always have time for people he liked. Ibid 26-27
He was well-liked and respected by almost everyone he met. Bloch 36
He was interested in everything, Kubizek noted, and wasn't indifferent about anything. Kubizek 13
...give persuasive lectures on themes concerning history and politics to her and her mother. Toland 24
...living in the area of Berchtesgaden--her brother's last home. She died on June 1, 1960 Maser fn 350
...and, most important, an unfailing devotion to the beauty, majesty and grandeur of art." Kubizek 201
... which he considered "one of the peak achievements in German architecture." Speer, Spandau 169
...would have to pay for every shortcoming out of his own pocket." Kubizek 84
... Adolf joined the society and "took part in a competition for ideas." Ibid 87
Adolf, Kubizek wrote, "could never walk the streets without being provoked by what he saw." Ibid 84
On more than one occasion he noted that this or that building "shouldn't be here" Ibid 79
...because it distracted from a view or did not "fit into its surroundings." Ibid 85
...Adolf's ideas were not "sheer fantasy, but a well-disciplined, almost systematic process." Ibid 91
...way ahead of its time, to turn nearby Wildberg Castle into an "open-air museum." Ibid 89
This "island where the centuries had stood still," (Adolf's very words according to Kubizek) Ibid 89

**Adolf also nurtured ideas of becoming a poet, writer or playwright.** This desire of Hitler's is common knowledge, but his reference to it in  Hitler's Secret Conversations (p199) is noteworthy.

... poetry, drawing, painting and to going to the theater," had Kubizek's complete admiration. Kubizek 11
...adjoining the Nibelungen Bridge which crossed the Danube between Linz and the suburb of Urfahr. Ibid 94
...older woman to serve as host, and two other "females" to serve as cook and housemaid. Jetzinger 98-9
...“sacred” virgin that would lead to marriage and children.* Kubizek 233
...Klara would send the younger Paula to wake him with the words, "go and give him a kiss." Newsweek 42
...meet by chance, usually at a concert, and patch up their differences. Kubizek 137
...a "quiet," and a "well-bred boy of fourteen or fifteen" who was "old for his age." Bloch 35-6
...the Vienna Opera, the women sparkling with diadems and fine clothes." Hitler, Secret Conversations 631
Adolf sent postcards to his family and friends Maser, Notes... 99, 202
... including Hagmuller, Jetzinger 85-6
...Kubizek, Kubizek 103
...and Dr. Bloch Bloch 69
...a piano made by Heitzmann-Flugel, whose pianos were among the best in the world. Payne 55
...Paula remembered that he would sit at the large piano at home for hours practicing. Toland 23
Shortly after, the seventeen year old Adolf developed his first and only teenage crush. Hanisch 297, Jetzinger
       106, Kubizek 57
...order which made everything dependent on whether or not you had money," as he put it. Jetzinger 99
...he appears to "have acquired a tenacious 'class consciousness.'" Fest 19
...by the people "to lead them out of servitude to heights of freedom." Kubizek 100
...I too must someday succeed in uniting the German Empire and making it great once more." Speer, Spandau 84
He believed that he was destined for a "special mission." Kubizek 100
...and recognized the strong "attachment that existed between mother and son." Bloch 36
...her gravest concern was for her son. "Adolf is still so young," she said repeatedly to him. Ibid 37
...a mother who adored her son and a son who adored his mother. Bloch 36
She now apparently had a change of heart about Adolf's desire to become an artist. Bloch 36
...she now replied: "He is different from us." Kubizek 108
...for a little over seven Kronen, be back in less than three and a half hours. Binion fn 151
The fact that out of 113 original candidates only 28 were admitted...  Maser 40
On October 22nd. he consulted with Dr. Bloch... Toland 27, fn 531-32, Binion 139
...Adolf admitted to others that he had failed to gain admittance to the academy,   Maser 43-4
... pain which she bore well believing "that her fate was God's will." Bloch 36
...and did all to demonstrate his great love for her." Toland 532, Binion 17
...Adolf's eyes would light up and he would take an optimistic view. Waite 210
"Go on being a good friend to my son when I'm no longer here." Kubizek 126
...I have never seen anyone so prostrate with grief as Adolf Hitler." Bloch 37
...Adolf remained behind at her grave site as though unable to tear himself away. Bloch 37
For the rest of his life he would usually spend Christmas Eve alone. See Dietrich 181-2
"My father I respected, my mother I loved." [Hitler, Mein Kampf 16. see also Reynal & Hitchcock 25,  Manheim
        18, & Murphy 21.
...his "deeply, loved, never-to-be-forgotten mother." Maser 41
...which one finds on this globe only in extremely exceptional cases." Waite 210
"Adolf really loved his mother. I swear to it before God and man." Kubizek 36
...since she and her husband agreed to take on the responsibility of raising the eleven year old Paula. Toland 31,
       Bloch 36.
... serious and ambitious young man ... mature and sensible beyond his years," Maser 44
... he would later write, "I too, wanted to become 'something.'" Mein Kampf, Manheim 18

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