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...would read books, and seemed very serious, unlike the rest of the young men." Toland 42
"Mongolians from Central Asia, the Huns--ugly bow-legged yellow men" Grolier 109
...crumbling under the weight of its conflicting "racial groups." Tschan, Grimm & Squires 1206
"Asiatic temperament" Dawidowicz 31
...against the large number of Jewish doctors, lawyers, and professors being produced. Jenks 93
...Schonerer. He was to become Hitler's first political idol. Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 126
He abandoned all hope of preserving the Austrian Empire. Bracher 44
...pleas for union with Germany that held Hitler's admiration, not Schonerer's anti-Semitic stance. Hitler, Secret
...more clearly and more correctly than anyone else the inevitable end of the Austrian State." Mein Kampf, Reynal
        & Hitchcock 126.
...about 50 per cent of the population of Vienna was not German." Secret Conversations 161
...To the young Hitler, a man who spoke and looked German was German   Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock
...he was filled with "distaste" when anyone singled someone out as a "Jew." Mein Kampf,  Manheim 51
Concerning the Germanized Jews, he wrote: "I even looked upon them as Germans." Mein Kampf, Reynal &   
        Hitchcock 67
...I was against the idea that he [or any other] should be attacked because he had a different faith." Mien Kampf,
        Murphy 39
...and "believed every religion to be good and ... didn't care much about anti-Semitism." Hanisch 272
...racialists books, pamphlets and racial newspapers were read by millions. Dawidowicz 10-12
...attacked the Church, members of parliament, and the decline of morals and the evils of alcoholism. Fest 39
...statements made were partly superficial and the proofs extraordinarily unscientific. Hitler Mein Kampf 60, see
        Murphy 41, Manheim 56, Reynal & Hitchcock 73-4.
...of a "German master race" led by a quasi-religious military leader. Waite 105
...as one qualified to participate in the struggle against inferior races. Smith 125
Featuring articles like "The Sex and Love-Life of Blondes and Dark Ones," Waite 107
Although it "played down 'the Jewish Question,'" Smith 125
... the Ostara preached, the Aryans could rule the earth. Toland 49; Fest 37-8; Hanser38-40
...gave him the copies free of charge and also two kronen for streetcar fare home. Waite 106
"I returned to my old way of thinking."  Mein Kampf , Murphy 41
Hitler adds: "...for weeks and once even for months."  Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 74
Even the Jews got caught up in the nationalistic fervor...  Palmer 606
"decided to open their own all-Jewish club."  Dimont 389
...The world will be freed by our liberty, enriched by our wealth, magnified by our greatness. Dimont 391
...the Zionist "movement was strongly represented in Vienna." Hitler, Mein Kampf, Murphy 41
...if he had the power, he would make all the Jews to go to Palestine. Hanser 92
"The Jew ... belongs, in his own state of Palestine."  Flood 145
On Aug 22 he registered as "studying to be a writer"  Heiden 52, Also Fest 46
During this period he kept in touch with his step sister, Angela, who forwarded his pension. Hanisch 240
...and too proud to accept it from no matter whom, let alone ask for it."   Jetzinger 153
...he worked as a "hod [cement or brick] carrier on building construction jobs."   Bloch 69
...the yearly turnover for "labor" was around 100%   See Ashworth 115-6
...unskilled workers were also in short supply...  Stearns 199-200
...because of the huge peace-time conscription. Ashworth 115
...they were known to outperform their more seasoned big city workers. Stearns199-201
...as myself, he also worked as a construction worker...." Picker 57.
Mussolini was one of the few men Hitler admired and was "fond" of... Speer,   Spandau 120
...his ignorance of their unions and politics alienated him.  Speer 98
...his "union" comrades while working on a construction site,  Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 53-4
...leave the building or else get flung down from the scaffolding." Mein Kampf, Murphy 33
... after his landlady seized his last small bundle of his possessions. Hanisch 239, Smith 127
He chose to wear a faded "blue-checked suit." Hanisch 239
...to be "identified" with the "despised class"--"the manual worker." Mein Kampf,  Manheim 22-23
...tried to beg a few cents from a rich drunk who tried to hit him with his cane. Hanisch 239
...after paying the price of a cup of coffee. Ibid

**...Hitler met a professional street person named Reinhold Hanisch** who went by the name of Walter Fritz.
Hanisch is a very creditable source. His account about Hitler is, with few exceptions, honest and straightforward; yet, it is ignored or glossed over by most historians.  In fact, after writing his account, Hanisch stayed in Austria even after Hitler's armies marched in, believing he had nothing to worry about since he had been, for the most part,   truthful. He did not understand that by that time, Hitler was building a myth around himself.  Hanisch would disappear in one of Hitler's concentration camps.

...Hanisch showed him how to take advantage of all possible charitable institutions. Hanisch 239
...the Western Station where he carried passenger's bags in hopes of earning a little money. Hanisch 240
...and never muttered a serious anti-Jewish remark to him. Hanisch 272
...Jewish locksmith named Robinsohn who occasionally gave Hitler a few coins. Hanisch 271
...Hanisch wouldn't hear of doing any kind of hard work. Hanisch 240
...met almost every night and sang to keep up their spirits in spite of their "troubles." Hanisch 240
..."A few days before Christmas Eve" Hitler received the money.  Hanisch 240
...Hitler, consequently, "took them to art dealers, furniture stores and upholsters" himself.  Hanisch 241
Shortly before the new year,  Maser 322.

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