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...Hitler called it, the "Sonnenkopfl," at Lockstein.  Hitler, Secret Conversations 216; "Obersalzberg" 1
Hitler described the region as "a countryside of indescribable beauty." Hitler, Secret Conversations 218
...and normally took a room at the Pension Moritz   Ibid 217
...who fought the Turks) where Hitler and his friends enjoyed the "genuine goulash"  Ibid 218
...the composer Johannes Brahms and even Crown prince Wilhelm of Prussia.   Obersalzberg 52
...Hitler later recalled, "we thought the hut was about to fly away."   Hitler, Secret Conversations 218
Hitler, who preferred the company of "unpretentious fellows,"   Ibid 224
...swollen with pretentiousness, the quintessence of everything that revolts us!"   Ibid 220
...and there he wrote the second volume of Mein Kampf.  Ibid 220
...in those days," he would later say, "and how many charming friends."   Ibid 222
Even Drexler accompanied him to Berchtesgaden.  Ibid 222
The "booming" of their laughter and voices, Hitler would later recall, "filled the house."  Ibid 223
Hitler and his friends also visited other beer gardens and cafes around the town. Ibid 219

**...There was one of them, especially, who was a real beauty."**  Ibid 220 (The Dreimaderlhaus
        appears to have been a nickname used by Hitler and friends and its location is a mystery.)

...a young girl of sixteen, blond, blue-eyed and "full-bosomed,"  Maser 205; See Time picture 21
...her older sister ran a dress shop across the street from the Deutsche Haus.  Gun 74
...invited "Miezel," as he called her,   Hitler, Secret Conversations 223, Also see Gun 74, Toland 223 & Waite
        259 for different pronunciations and spellings.
..."cuts a fine figure with those riding breeches and that riding crop."   Time 21
Shortly after, Hitler wisely invited both sisters to a party meeting     Toland 223
...at the Deutsche Haus    Waite 259
..."kept looking over at our table and fixed his eyes directly on me."    Waite 259
...Hitler "playfully" fed her cake with his fingers.  Time 21, Waite 259
Hitler compared her blue eyes to his mothers   Toland 223
...Mitzi later recounted, and before long they became lovers.  Gun 75, Waite 192
...where, according to Mitzi, they "romped like children." Waite 260
..."Now you are my woodland sprite." Ibid 260
"I was so happy," Mitzi later stated, "I wished I could die."   Time 21
...swastikas, she had embroidered herself. He gave her an autographed copy of Mein Kampf.  Gun 75
...passed it off as a form of obedience training and stated: "That was necessary." Waite 192
...was renting an apartment in Munich where they could live together.  Toland 223
Hitler broke off the relationship   Waite 260
... She was freed after losing consciousness but survived.  Toland 241, Maser 198
..."Miezel" on his mind and sent Hess to ask her to come to him.  Waite 260
..."I let him do what he wanted. I was never so happy." she stated.   Time 21
...she attempted to win him back by repeating their earlier tryst.  Waite 260
..."No," he replied, "if you mean with Eva."  Time 21
...kept Hitler's letters and a wrist watch he had given her for one of her birthdays.   Waite 261
...renounce certain opportunities that offered themselves."  Hitler, Secret Conversations 223
...he sent her 100 red roses.)  Waite 261
...Hitler had "fallen in love with the landscape" at Obersalzberg. Hitler, Secret Conversations 218
...which took me two and a half hours' walking there and back."  Ibid 220
..."perhaps," he would later say, "out of nostalgia for my little fatherland."  Ibid 216
When he heard that the cottage was up for rent he leased it.  Ibid 221
...He later stated: "Nothing ever happened to her."  Ibid 221
...to avoid too close a link between herself and her brother.  NY Times Mag. 37
...later brought Wachenfeld, designed and enlarged it for comfort rather than splendor,  Cross 254
...But how far away it is, terribly far!"  Hitler, Secret Conversations 216
...to provide adequate room for those in small towns who wished to attend his meetings.   Bracher 102
...academic and professional associations hopped on the "national wave."   Grunberger 21
...six million unemployed back to work in less than a year.  Grunberger 21, See Schoenbaum 73-112
...nine out of ten German voters gave him an approval rating.  Bracher 244
...Socialists won over the people, but by enlightening and educating them."  Hitler, Tischgesprache 378.
Maybe Albert Speer said it best: "...we threw ourselves on our bellies."   Speer, Spandau 30; see also 6. Also see
       1990 NBC interview between Bob Costas and Elie Wiesel.
...persons of quality"  Fest 19.

...who Hitler despised,**   Hitler wrote: "[Persons of quality:] truly a class doomed by Fate to decline, but which, unfortunately, is dragging a whole nation down with itself." Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 984. See also Hitler, Secret Conversations 126, 456, 552, 572, 613. And Speer, Spandau 236.

...also ran to him lovingly, "unreservedly and unthinkingly."  Speer 49, see also Schramm fn 42.

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