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Videos / Documentaries:

There are hundreds of documentaries available concerning Hitler and/or the era leading up to the triumph of the NAZIs. Some are excellent, some are good and some are so poorly done they are unintentionally comical. Rather then attempting to list all of the “documentaries” I have viewed, I am only listing those which I have in my possession:

Adolf Hitler, Man and Myth. Hosted by Edward Woodward. Directed by Edward Mallory. Circa 1989. (Good documentary that gives good information on Hitler’s early years.)

American Century. “1, Coming of Age.” (1 of 6 parts) Written and presented by Lewis Lapham. Produced and directed by Sue Crowther. PBS 1989.

American Experience, The Great War - 1918. Hosted by David McCullough. Executive producer Judy Crichton. A Moira production. 1989. (Good information about the contrasts between the United States’ reasons for involvement in World War I with the recollections of veterans of that war. Also good information on J J Pershing.)

Art of the Western World, (Part 8. Into the Twentieth Century) Hosted by Michael Wood. Produced by WNET/New York (major producer). 1989.

Charlie Rose. Discussion on “Jewish Culture” with Anne Roiphe, (Generation without Memory), Arthur Herrzberg (The Jews in America) and Amos Perlmutter of American University. PBS Circa 1990.

Day Universe Changed, The. “Fit to Rule (Darwin's Revolution)” (Part 8 of 10) Whitten and produced by James Burke ETV 1986.

Experience of War.” (Written by Richard Holmes, Produced by Malcolm Brown) BBC, RKO Pictures NY, Australian Broadcasting Corp. (The first few minutes of this documentary focuses on the “joy of war” that existed in the beginning stages of WWI)

Eyes of War, The. Hosted by Robert Mitchum, 1 1/2 hours. Written, produced and directed by Peter Foges. A production of MBS TV & Vestron TV Inc, 1989.

Fuhrer: Seduction of a Nation. Produced and directed by Stephen White. “Examines the myths behind Hitler.” 1989

Genocide (Jude). Narrated by Elizabeth Taylor and Orsen Wells. Written by Martin Gilbert and Maevin Hier. Produced and directed by Arnold Schwartzman. Simon Wiesenthal Center 1981.

Great War, The. Narrated by Alexander Scourby. Written by Henry Solomon with Richard Hanser. Produced by Henry Solomon. NBC 1956

"Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century, The." (Eight episodes), PPS Home Video, 1998.

Hirohito, Behind the Myth, A Personal Investigation by Edward Behr 1989

How Hitler Lost the War, Produced by David Hoffman, (PBS) 1994.

Kristallnacht, The Journey From 1938 to 1988. Hosted by Eric Sevareid, Produced by Robert E Frye WETA PBS 1988

Memory of the Camps, Frontline with Judy Woodruff, Produced by Sergel Nolbandov 1985. (Interestingly, Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) was credited as “Treatment Adviser” on this film. “According to Peter Tanner, one of the film's editors, Hitchcock's concern was that ‘we should try to prevent people thinking that any of this was Hitch was very careful to try to get material which could not possibly be seen to be faked in any way.’"

Nazis, A Warning From History, The. (6 eposides) BBC 1997. (“Helped Into Power” was revealing).

Ocean Apart, An. (Three Parts) Episode One “Hats Off to Mr. Wilson” Produced by Adam Curtis. BBC-TV in association with KCET L.A. and WNET NY. 1988 (This video was extremely informative on how the US was dragged into WWI)

Paths of Glory. Directed by Stanley Kubrick 1957 (No doubt, the “greatest” movie ever made about the horrors of WWI.)

Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, The. Based on the book by William L Shirer. Directed by Jack Kaufman. A Wolper Production. 1968. The first few minutes of this film is great for those who want to “feel” the period.

Safe Haven Written, produced & directed by Paul Lewis. 1987. Includes interviews with former Fort Ontario NY Jewish refugees from Europe.

“Spandau Prison (Rudolf Hess)” Directed by Mark Chapman. An Aspect Film Production 1985.

Struggles for Poland, The. (Three episodes) Hosted by Roger Mudd. (One episode, “A Different World: Poland's Jews, 1919-1943” was produced by Raye Farr.) WNET NY, 1988

Triumph of the West, The. A View of World History. Especially “Volume 12, The Decline of the West” by John Roberts. Executive Producer, Christopher Martin. BBC 1985.

Triumph of the Will.” Directed by Leni Riefenstahl, Germany 1934. (In the opening sequence, watch how Ms Riefenstahl (like Hitler) makes us wait.)

Twisted Cross, The. Narrated by Alexander Scourby. Written by Henry Solomon with Richard Hanser. Produced by Henry Solomon. NBC 1956. (Very well done.)

Wannseekonferenz (Wannsee Conference, The), Screenplay by Paul Mommertz, Directed by Heinz Schirk. Produced by Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation, Infrafilm and Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF), “85 minutes”-- the time it took for the actual meeting. 1984.

Western Tradition, The. With Eugen Weber. Produced by WGBH Boston 1989--?? (I never get tired of watching this series.)

World at War 1. Germany 1933-1939. Produced by Jeremy Isaacs, Thames 1974.

World at War, The (52 min (26 episodes)), series executive producer, Jeremy Isaacs 1974. Also a short version: The World at War, A Special presentation.” Thames Television. (3 episodes plus a frank 23 minute interview with Stephen Ambrose)

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