S Footnotes


1. "...work was assumed by the government...." Bureau of Reclamation, Yuma Branch, "Yuma Project History" 1902-1912 p12.

2. "...sluiceways...were constructed by the government..."  ibid. p17.

3. "There were those in the U.S. government who thought the swastika would be a fitting symbol..." Reclamation Record Vol. 5 April 1914 pp133-4. (The Boy Scouts, Coca-Cola and a WWI Division of the US Army also used swastika paraphernalia.)

4. "The Service also designed a Reclamation flag with a large swastika at its center..." Bureau of Reclamation, Denver Branch article, no date.

5. "...guards were posted..." ibid.

This article (with the b&w photos) could not have been completed without the cooperation of the Yuma Bureau of Reclamation, most notably Public Relations Officer Mr. Bob Steel.

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