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Hitler's High School Report Cards.

Most publications list only the grades Hitler earned for the first semester, of his last year of high school, when he attended the new school at Steyr. Those grades were the lowest he ever made. "In the second semester, his grades improved markedly."1   Following therefore, are his final grades for his last year of high school and the three previous years. Although Austrian schoolmasters graded their pupils on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 standing for "excellent" and 5 for "inadequate," they are listed here using their American equivalents from A to F. (Note that there is one unexplained gap in History and one in Handwriting.)

[For first three years Payne 37 & Jetzinger 65-66. For last year
Heiden 49, Jetzinger 65, Maser 35-6, Smith 96]

In the first half of his last year, he also took an optional course in "Shorthand" and failed. He received an "adequate'' (D) grade in Diligence and the drop in his Handwriting grade attests that he was not working to his full potential. (From this point on in his life, Hitler's handwriting reflected his attitude toward those he addressed. When he wanted to make a good impression he wrote well and there were very few misspelled words in his letters, "but not otherwise."2) His grade in Conduct (for both semesters) was "Satisfactory" (C).

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1 Smith 96
2 Maser, Notes 22