Smoter.com comprises four subjects which were written by Walter Smoter Frank.  First is a 310 page footnoted, historical biography about the young Adolf Hitler and the pre NAZI era, including a detailed account of Hitler’s service in World War One ( WWI ).  Second is another full length book dealing with Landlord Tenant relations for the do-it-yourself real-estate owner or landlord/tenant associate. Third, the history of two historic dams, including the failure of the South Fork Dam, which caused the 1889 Johnstown Flood; and Laguna Dam, on the AZ and CA border, which the US Government decorated with swastikas. Fourth: Jurgielewicz and Burba 1808 till 1885 church records.

Adolf Hitler, The Making of a Fuhrer.
The Young Adolf Hitler

Landlord-Tenant Law & History.
Landlord Tenant Law

Dams, like the one that caused the
1889 Johnstown Flood

Burba and Jurgielewicz Genealogy
Church records 1808-1884
Jurgielewicz Burba

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