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...now it was called upon to defend it in a grueling struggle." See Mein Kampf Manheim
         201, Reynal & Hitchcock 263, Murphy 118.
..."the blindest slaughter of a blind war." Taylor 124
Those in the area of an exploding shell, simply vanished. Toller 8
...the English launched their attack on July 31,1917."  M.K. Murphy 118
...in that place the dead and the living had the same gray faces. Toller 8
...to "kill Germans and shake their morale," Taylor 123
...encrusted with mud, more like ghosts than human beings." M.K. R&H 263
...shipped to a quiet section of the front south of Colmar, Hitler Secret Conversations 236
...Alsace for a months rest. Maser 324, Toland 71
...the Military Cross for Merit, 3rd class with swords. Payne 583, Toland 74

**...he was a brave and exemplary soldier,"** Waite 234, see also Heiden 84. (Of all
          Hitler's biographers, none reveal more hate, revulsion and contempt than Waite
          and Heiden;  yet, even they acknowledge Hitler's bravery.)

...with an "upright and honorable nature." Flood 24
...discussion among Hitler's superiors about promoting him... Fest 71
...non-commissioned officer let alone a commission. Ibid
"He never wanted to be anything more than the others." Binion fn. 148
...the reason for Hitler's "unmilitary manner," Toland 64
...his refusal to snap heels at the approach of an officer, Toland 71
..."no leadership qualities in him." Fest 71
...the regiment would have lost one of its best dispatch carriers." Heiden 84
..."a bright button is weightier than four volumes of Schopenhauer," Remarque 25
...clearest thinker among us and therefore only a lance-corporal." Ibid 8
...such as no General Staff officer could hope to acquire in peacetime." Maser 89
...and decide everything, down to the smallest detail himself." Ibid
"The swine who stole my dog doesn't realize what he did to me," Hitler Secret Con...s 236
Before heading to Spital for a visit to the family farm,  Maser 324
...Yours, A. Hitler* Maser Notes 96, Waite 234
...Berlin and other large cities to further revolutionary agitation. Nicholls 10
..."aggravated to a degree damaging to the whole war effort." Hanser 97
...the "accursed feud between the German tribes," M.K. Reynal & H... 252
...fight for victory and the homeland goes on strike against it." M.K. Manheim 195
...against any German who poked his head out of the ground. Halsey Vol IV 184
...Regiment also retreated to the north bank of the Ailette. Maser 324
...tanks, [they could have saved] the soldiers untold loss of life....  Hitler Secret
...is the explanation of our defeat. Ibid 76-77
..."guillotine" against any Russian who opposed them. NY Times 12/17/17 p1
...declare her solidarity...by declaring war on Austria." NY Times 11/13/17 p1
..."victory alone spells peace." NY Times 11/13/17 p1
... to consent to peace without annexations or indemnities," failed. Burns & Ralph 1060
...was an outline of war aims, not a peace address." NY Times 1/9/18 p1
...He and Lenin were the champion revolutionists of the age." Lasswell 216
...and the men whose creed is imperial domination." NY Time 1/9/18 p1
...tolerable peace was possible until Germany had been defeated," Taylor 130
...Suddenly their high mightinesses lost their effrontery." M.K. Manheim 196
...the hopes that had been based on Russia were now lost. M.K. Murphy 116
...and if necessary to conquer Egypt and North Africa. Passant 142-43
...They were "intoxicated with the fever to fight." Toland No Man's Land 20
...brotherhood no longer, they believed in the war. See Remarque 82
...the day for the settling of accounts had come. M.K. Murphy 117
...the furthermost advance points two miles west of Montdidier. Maser 324
...running out of ammunition but of dying of starvation. Payne 117
...he preferred the meat of cat to dog. Toland 73
...returned unscratched and handed over their find to the cook. Payne 117-118
...his third citation for a feat performed at Fontaine: Maser 324
...the Regimental Decoration for "outstanding" Toland fn. 74
"bravery in the face of the enemy." Fest 70
...wounded once or twice) for his previous leg wound. Payne 583, Toland 74
...Chemin Des Dames with hopes of pushing on to Paris. Toland No Man's Land 235
...We spent the night of the 26th in a forest." Schramm 153
..."at 5:00 A.M.," Hitler later recalled, "we attacked." Ibid
...delivered them to Colonel Anton Freiherr von Tubeuf. Toland 74,  No Man's L 257
...carried out his almost suicidal feat without a scratch. Maser 88
...could not be entrusted to other runners." Ibid 87
...conscripts who had previously been rejected as physically unfit. Stokesbury 271
... blue faces and black lips spoke for what happened. See Remarque 117-120
...fortunate, enjoying the special protection of Providence," Heiden 77
...Hitler told a comrade, "Just wait until my time comes." Toland 68
...had been "brilliant but hopeless." Passant 138
...he dragged him to the rear." Maser 88
...a common soldier in the German army could aspire." Heiden 83
...Hitler was awarded the Iron Cross, 1st Class, Payne 583
..."for personal bravery and general merit." Toland 74
...to be awarded the Iron Cross, First Class" Waite 235
...163,000 first class crosses were awarded during the war... Purves 112
...life and tranquillity for his fatherland and for others. Maser 87-8
...earned him the respect of superiors and equals alike. Ibid 87
... he tackled dangerous situations and the hazards of battle. Ibid 87
...important messages continued to get through despite every difficulty. Ibid 88
"Hitler was a brave soldier," Heiden 84
..."he was entitled to the honor." Waite 235
...presented to Hitler by his battalion adjutant, Hugo Gutmann. Toland 74

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