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...but called on him to justify his single-minded past actions. Fest 148
..."foreign elements," especially the Augsburg group from the Party. Bracher 91
"Concessions on our part," Hitler wrote, "are totally out of the question." Fest 148, Flood 200
"I demand the position of First Chairman with dictatorial authority." Flood 200
...a national socialist German Workers Party and not a western association." Toland 116
...which Drexler long ago and repeatedly offered you." Fest 148
...the next annual meeting would have to be consulted on that matter." Flood 201
...persuaded Dietrich Eckart, Hitler's closest friend, to act as moderator    Payne 158
...with their western styled "pseudo-democratic" organizations. Bracher 91
...who could reshape the "shattered postwar world by a 'dictatorship of order.'" Ibid
...of the ex-soldier and even looked on him as a "stranger." Mein Kampf, Murphy 202
...or 'We ought not to take such a risk; it is too dangerous.'" Ibid
Thousand of leaflets were circulated about Munich attacking Hitler.  Hanser 274
...a concoction of fact and fancy,  Toland 117
..."as a springboard for his own immoral purposes." Bullock 49
...Hitler "became agitated and flew into a rage."  Fest 149
...he associated with "criminal elements." namely Hermann Esser.  Payne 159
...Hitler referred to himself as the "King of Munich." Hanser 274
...was "relying only on his gift as a speaker." Ibid
...And how is he conducting this struggle? Like a real Jew."  Maser 9-10
...anti-Semitic ideas and conceptions of the German and Austrian Pan-Germans,  Maser, Notes 216
...for the most part, on attacks against "the Jewish millionaire"  Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 530
...and "Jewish international stock exchange capital." Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 527
The rumor of "Hitler's Jewish descent" quickly spread though Munich that July.   Maser 10
...AND WHITE COLLAR WORKERS" at the Circus Krone. Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 534
...Hitler continued to use the typical "stock of antisemitic catchphrases,"   Maser, Notes 217
...gradually sucking their marrow and blood." Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 534
..."inexorable war of destruction against our people has already set in,"    Ibid 535
...Jewish agents who "are untiringly active in the press and in political parties." Ibid 534
...In this way one has made fools of our people. Ibid 535
...from which alone we hope for the resurrection of the German people." Ibid 536
...He really seems to have a sense of direction which none of the others have. Hanfstaengl 33
...words they would have used if they were capable of formulating such views. Ibid 70-71
"He meant what he said, he lived up to his ideals, he practiced what he preached."  Waite 85
...lets him recognize its capitulation in the face of his argumentation. Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 706
...uselessness and stupidity of "those bourgeois simpletons"   Ibid 716
...already disposed towards" ones ideas but the "winning of the enemies." Ibid 477
...mass suggestion....the force of thousands accumulates in every individual."   Ibid 715-16
...mount the platform. With the poise of the unmistakable soldier   Heiden 105
...he appeared to stand at attention   Hanfstaengl 34
...over to the soil of our convictions and of our view of life."  Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 701
...procuring food or pointing out other domestic problems that affected her home. Hanfstaengl 70
...many who had come to disrupt the meeting began to listen.  See Hanfstaengl 34-5, Speer 16
...but his favorite, and most effective opening was Germany history.  Hanfstaengl 34, 71; Speer 163
In his "brilliantly formulated" speeches,   Dietrich 141
...the beginning of a Hitler speech as a "kind of historical lecture."   Speer 16
...we are obliged to cast our minds back to..."  Hanfstaengl 71, 135-6
...annihilating his supposed adversaries he would return to his original line of thought.   Hanfstaengl 72
...Hitler would later write, "I was master of this craft."  Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 701
...movements of body and  hands to make the speaker seem potent.  Hanfstaengl 71
...a direct style of action and utterance, which had endeared him to plain folk." Hanfstaengl 55
...his audience was ready, which Hitler acknowledged was the hardest part to determine,    Payne 152
Using a combination of envy, rage and hate, delivered with eloquence and vulgarity,    Heiden 106
...he gave expression and direction to primal passions.  Speer 17
His body would be "fuming and flailing."   Hanser 237
...overwhelming, subduing, and overcoming all resistance.  See Hanser 236, Dietrich 141-2
...their class prejudices and their economic system to the applause of the Left.   Hanfstaengl 35, 72
...who were prepared to destroy Germany's old morals and traditions to applause from the Right. Hanfstaengl 72
..."would one day be beseitigt--literally 'removed' or 'done away with.'"   Hanfstaengl 36
...[they will not need weapons]--the weapons will well up out of their fists...!"   Hanser 241
...to flow from him to me....he was the man of destiny....I had given him my soul."   Jarman 97-98
...maundering about peace and the criminal policy of... [Allied demands]."   Hanser 237
...others, pale desperate, hollow-eyed....others...quivered with emotion." Ibid 237
One observer noticed others who appeared in a state of "devotional ecstasy."   Hanfstaengl 36
His collar (normally fastened with an imitation gold pin   Hanfstaengl 37
...my only [suit] was a blue one, and it invariably stained my underclothes!" Hitler, Secret Conversations 534
"Local custom," Hitler stated, "insists" on it.  Ibid 534
It supplied a touch that all "malt-minded Munichers" could relate to.   Hanfstaengl 36
He fed their emotions, their desires...   Otto Strasser interview PBS
...he fused the people into a single mass.  Speer 16
"The last eight to ten minutes of a speech resembled an orgasm of words."   Hanfstaengl 72
He appeared the personification of a mythical hero leader.  Waite 93
He would then unify "all breeds of Germans"   Binion 71
By the time Hitler left the platform he had everyone agreeing with everything he said.   Hanfstaengl 72
...came away, "really impressed beyond measure."  Hanfstaengl 37
...expressing its innermost aspirations, telling it what it most wants to hear."   Hanser 236
"In this unlikely looking creature...there dwelt a miracle: his voice."   Hanser 236
...they follow the far mightier logic of the subconscious, which no refutation can touch.   Heiden 106
He accused the politicians, "those swindlers and time-servers,"    Payne 169
...the charge that he was a Jew working secretly for the Jews.  Payne 159
...the rumors of Hitler's "Jewish descent" refused to go away,   Maser 10
...his circle were "aiming at revolution and violence."  Fest 149
...little by little Drexler and the rest of the anti-Hitler faction caved in.   Taylor, Simon 65
...special meeting finally took place in the hall at the Sterneckerbrau above the party office.  Flood 202
...Hitler was greeted with applause that would not stop.  Fest 149
...can be brought about only by Germans, not by parliament, but by revolution.  Flood 203
...every year (as original party statutes specified) till he became ruler of all Germany. Dietrich 129
As in the Church, Hitler had attended as a boy, a "party papacy"  began to take shape.  Bracher 94
For the first time ever, Hitler was introduced as the Fuhrer. Fest 149
...wrote a letter to one of his acquaintances and for the first time confidently signed it: "der Fuhrer."  Flood 204

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